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Baswan Entertainment, pronounced {B- AS- ONE}, is a musical springboard for aspiring artists. We teach new artists the ins and outs of the music industry, both locally and nationally, and help them grow in this forever changing music industry. Our main focus is to help young artists with music bios, photos, websites and their overall growth as an artist. Aspiring artists will work with musicians that are in the music industry and make a living performing and producing music in the greater Wisconsin area.

We also offer half hour and hour music lessons to children and adults at an affordable rate.  BASWAN ENTERTAINMENT offers lessons for Vocals, Drums, Guitar, and Piano.

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Peter Mac, Joe Jordan, Eric Hervey, WendyWierzchowski, Brian Dale, Warren Weigratz


The Time

Reggie Bordeaux,  Morris Day, Joe Jordan


Eric Benet

Eric Benet, Joe Jordan